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Dongguan Hong Ding CNC processing products to enhance the level of Huawei

Article source:China metal processing networkResponsible editor:adminauthor:Kangding HardwarePopularity: Publication time:2016-12-15 19:50 font size:【 large middle Small
Dongguan Kangding CNC machining to help us save costs,Huawei products to enhance the quality
Huawei is China's largest electronic communications products business,Product panel production process reflects the level of the entire product,If the size of the CNC machining process often fail,And other accessories do not coordinate,It will affect the overall level of the product,Huawei as a multinational enterprise,In the past has been to save costs,Choose a relatively small company to do suppliers,Product quality often problems.And Huawei cross-group products can not match,Because of the rapid development of the network,Huawei Group through the network to find my company, After a number of companies,The final election to Dongguan Kangding,Dongguan Kangding procurement of raw materials for customers,And then processed products,From raw materials to finished products of the production process,The quality of Dongguan Hong Ding in strict control,Product prices seem to be higher than the previous operation a little bit,But a month down, we look at the report, they found the problem,Really cost savings, the quality of Ye Hao,Workers say that now the panel to do a good job,Our customers also said that the surface treatment than the previous smooth, no flash, and a lot of high-grade products.
Customer Testimonial: Thank Dongguan Kangding, value the company, there must be development,Can stand in the customer's point of view,Network marketing so that customers more easily communicate,Dongguan Kangding and Huawei Group will be long-term cooperation, grow together!
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