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Dongguan City Hong Ding Metal Technology Co., Ltd._Recruitment of foreign trade clerk

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Dongguan City, Kang Ding Metal Technology Co., Ltd. _Recruitment of foreign trade clerk

description of job

Job Category: foreign trade clerk

1, 2 years work experience in foreign trade business;
2, the ability to request: articulate, enthusiastic,Has a strong market insight and analysis capabilities,Familiar with computer operation,English over four, reading, speaking, writing fluent, strong communication skills,Familiar with business workflow,Experience in overseas exhibitions is better
3, with good organization, coordination, control and team leadership;
4, have a strong ability to develop customers, will manage and lead the team, there is passion, fun to share, to lead the team forward
5, on the Internet sales have a deeper understanding,Can through B2B, B2C platform, exhibition, social platform,Search engines, mail and other development of new customers,And follow up the project;
6, the company provides a good development platform,Foreign exhibitors can be arranged (US, Germany, Canada, Japan, etc.);
7, with training experience,Can cultivate new people,Development team
9, communication skills, familiar with the hardware industry is preferred;
8, wages: basic salary + commission + bonus (including room and board)

Dongguan City Hong Ding Metal Technology Co., Ltd. Foreign Trade Department
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