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Kangding company CNC machining products advantages

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Kangding company CNC machining products advantages

Kangding company has a large number of precision molds and parts processing of professional and technical personnel,At the same time have more than high-precision automated CNC machining equipment:1890CNC machining center,DMG five-axis linkage composite machine,ROHS analyzer,TX6111 horizontal boring machine,Radius Angle Gauge,Large 5-axis CNC,Infrared full-automatic instrument,
Gantry machining center,Gantry CNC Guide Grinder,Heat treatment plant,Japan's large four-axis horizontal machining center,Life tester,projector,Temperature and humidity boxes,Hardness tester,Automatic stamping workshop,Only Japan Sodick wire walking machine has 14,Japan Sodick precision mirror sparks 9,Precision surface grinder 26 Taiwan.The United States Harting CNC machining centers,15 Taiwan Lai Chi CNC machining centers,5 sets of good iron carved,And the purchase of advanced equipment supporting the German Zeiss three coordinate measuring machine.

1,A substantial reduction in the number of tooling,Machining parts of complex shape does not require complex tooling.Only need to modify the part processing program,It can be applied to new product development and modification.
2, processing quality and stability,Processing high precision,To meet the processing requirements of high-precision aircraft.
3, multi-species, small batch production can be delivered on time,Reduce production preparation,Machine adjustment and process inspection time,And because the use of the best cutting amount and reduce the cutting time,Reduced costs.
4, can be processed by conventional methods difficult to process the complex surface,And even some of the processing can not observe the processing site.
CNC machining of the shortcomings of expensive machine tool equipment,Requiring a high level of maintenance personnel.
  My company's five-axis linkage in the processing machine tool can increase the effective cutting edge length,Reduce cutting force,Improve tool life,cut costs.The use of five-axis machining machine tooling can be quickly completed mold processing, fast delivery,Better guarantee the processing quality of the mold,So that mold processing becomes more easy,And the mold modification is facilitated.
Our high-volume high-precision equipment used,Specifically for the processing of complex surface of the machine,On my country's aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments,High precision medical equipment, and so the industry has a decisive influence.
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