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High accuracy WEDM _Kangding metal wire cutting

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High-precision wire walking _Kangding metal wire cutting

Medium walk roughing 6000 / H cut ah repair two 2400 /H    R    1.3
WEDM Roughing 12000 / H cutting a repair two 2400 / H     R     0.8
high-speed wire moving roughing 3000 / H

Kangding Hardware WEDM equipment accuracy can reach 0.005mm.
Kangding Hardware WEDM equipment accuracy can reach 0.005mm.
1, WEDM is the use of continuous moving fine wire as the electrode,The workpiece to pulse spark discharge,Produce more than 6000 degrees high temperature, erosion of metal, cut into pieces of a CNC machine tools.WEDM processing principle is a wire electrode and the gap between the existence of the workpiece gap,Continuous discharge to remove the phenomenon of metal.

2, WEDM wire-cut machine workpiece surface roughness can be achieved by Ra = 0.8μm and above,And WEDM wire cutting machine roundness error, linear error and size error are faster to go a lot better silk cutting machine,So when processing high-precision parts,WEDM wire cutting machine has been widely used.

3, due to cutting the corner of the wire when the lag,Will cause the corner collapse.In order to improve corner cutting accuracy.Such as: to change the wire walking path;Change the processing speed (sheet);Automatic adjustment of water pressure;Control processing energy and so on.By using a comprehensive corner control strategy,The roughness of corner shape error is reduced by 70%,Can be a cutting up to 5 with the accuracy.

4, multiple cutting technology is to improve low-speed wire EDM wire cutting precision and surface quality of the fundamental means.It is the design and manufacturing technology,numerical technology,Intelligent technology,Pulse power technology,Precision transmission and control technology of scientific integration.Generally through a cutting forming,Secondary cutting to improve accuracy,Three or more cutting to improve the surface quality.In order to achieve high-quality surface,The number of times to cut as many as 7 to 9 times, only 3 to 4 times.
High accuracy WEDM