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TX6111 horizontal boring machine _ Kangding metal processing center

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Kangding Hardware Machining Center 2009 introduced TX6111 horizontal boring machine
TX6111 horizontal boring machine Features:
Mainly used for boring large and medium-sized parts of the hole,At the same time can also be completed drilling, expansion, hinge, milling and other work,The use of flat rotary disc turret can car end,Can be processed with large diameter and shorter length of the hole and the outer circle.Beautiful overall appearance of the overall layout of well - coordinated.Bed, column, are used rectangular guide, good stability.Refrigeration quenching guide, high wear resistance. Digital synchronous display, intuitive and accurate, can improve work efficiency and reduce costs.The machine for a variety of metal processing industry,The machine bed can be customized according to the length of the workpiece.Machine tool boring and milling head using TPX6111B horizontal boring machine boring and milling head,TPX6111B horizontal boring machine boring head with high accuracy,The internal use of hydraulic hanging file,Not prone to gear teeth, collision friction.

TPX6111B / 4 technical parameters:

Spindle, spindle box, table vertical and horizontal fast
Spindle axis per spindle, spindle box, table feed range

Workbench Load-bearing type
Boring shaft diameter mm 110
Spindle taper hole - Mohs No. 6 or ISO 7:24 NoBT50 Studs
Spindle maximum moment N.m 1225
The largest rotary moment N.m 1960
Spindle maximum axial resistance N 12250
Spindle maximum travel mm 600
Spindle speed series - 22
Spindle speed range r/min 8-1000
Slide stroke of flat disc mm 180
Working area mm 1300×1600
The table can withstand the maximum weight kg 6000
Spindle center line to the work surface distance mm 1500
  mm 0

Worktable travel
Z direction mm 1400(Without pulling the post)
X direction mm 1800 or 2500
Spindle, spindle box, table vertical and horizontal fast
Spindle axis per spindle, spindle box, table feed range
mm/min 2500
mm/r 0.04-6/0.01-1.88    
Spindle, spindle box, table slider feed range mm\min -
main motor power kw 7.5
main motor power mm 5120
Machine Dimension
 TX6111 horizontal boring machine