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DMG five-axis linkage complex machine _ Kangding metal processing center

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Kangding metal processing center in 2008 to introduce: DMG five-axis complex machine

Machining type: CNC machining center
Machining accuracy: Finishing
Processing materials: aluminum, steel, castings
Maximum diameter: 400 (mm)
Maximum length: 1250 (mm)
Tolerance: 0.005
Surface roughness: 1.6

    Five-axis machining center is also called five-axis machining center,Is a high technological content, high precision specifically for the processing of complex surface machining center,Five-axis machining center has x, y, z, a, c five axes,Xyz and ac axis to form a five-axis machining,Good at surface processing,Shaped processing,Hollow processing,Drilling, oblique holes, oblique cut and so on.The "five-sided machining center" is similar to the three-axis machining center,But it can do five faces at the same time,But it can not do special-shaped processing,Playing ramp hole,Cutting incline and so on.
  Kangding metal five-axis machining center with high efficiency,High-precision features,The workpiece can be completed a complex fixture processing.Able to adapt as auto parts,Aircraft structural parts and other modern mold processing.Five-axis machining centers and five-sided machining center is very different.Many people do not know this,Mistake to five-sided machining center as a five-axis machining center.
  This machining center system for a country's aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments,High precision medical equipment, and so the industry has a decisive influence.At present, five-axis CNC machining center system is to solve the impeller, blades, marine propeller,Heavy-duty generator rotor, turbine rotor,Large diesel engine crankshaft, and so the only means of processing.
      Five-axis machining center is a high-tech means,It makes impossible to become possible,All the space surface,Shaped processing can be achieved.It not only can complete the complex workpiece mechanization of the completion of the task,But also can quickly improve the processing efficiency and shorten the processing flow.
DMG five-axis linkage complex machine