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1890CNC Machining Center _ Kangding metal processing center

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Kangding hardware processing center in 2008 to introduce: 1890 CNC machining center

1Technical Parameters

Project Units VMC1890 machining center ((two-wire and one hard))
stroke X-axis travel mm 1800
Y-axis travel mm 900
Z-axis travel mm 800
Workbench Worktable size mm 2000×900
Maximum load bearing table kg 1600
T-slot (slot number × width × spacing) mm 5-22-165
Spindle Spindle taper hole   BT50
Spindle power kW 22
Spindle maximum speed rpm 6000
Feed Fast-moving (X / Y) mm/min 15000
Fast-moving (Z) mm/min 12000
Cutting feed mm/min 1-5000
Feed motor (X / Y / Z) NM 32/40/32B
Screw X / Y / Z axis mm 55×10
Spindle distance Spindle nose to the work surface distance mm 160-960
Spindle center to column guide surface distance mm 950
Tool Maximum tool diameter mm Φ127/Φ200
Maximum tool length mm 350
Maximum tool weight kg 15
Precision positioning accuracy mm ±0.01
Repeatability mm ±0.0075
Machine weight (approx.) kg 15000
1Standard configuration
project VMC1890 machining center
 casting High quality resin sand casting
system Beijing KND-2000MCli
Spindle unit Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry BT50 Φ190
Taiwan on the silver
Magazine Taiwan Oshima Chuan / first round of 24 disc manipulator
Playing knife cylinder Taiwan Asia Germany off
Nitrogen counterweight Wuxi Association for Qing
Electrical appliances France Schneider
Coupling Taiwan S + P
Lubrication system Guangdong Valley
Pneumatic Components Taiwan Asia Germany off
Bearings Japan NTN
Internal protection Haidong sheet metal
External protection Full protection

1890CNC machining center

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