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Dongguan HongDing Metal Technology Co., Ltd. _ official website update upgrade

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Dongguan HongDing Metal Technology Co., Ltd. _ official website update upgrade
To better display the company's products and market development,Dongguan Hong Ding Metal Technology Co., Ltd. officially launched a new website.Will change the company's development and marketing:
1, is conducive to enhancing the company's corporate image
New enterprise website capacity is bigger,The new corporate website can now put the customer and the public know the content into the site.In addition, compared to other advertising,The investment in setting up a corporate website is much lower than other forms of advertising.

2, so that my company's products with network communication capabilities
The new enterprise website content lies in the richness of its content,Will be everywhere in the Internet.For customers,The new enterprise website has stronger network communication ability.

3, can be comprehensive and detailed introduction to Kangding enterprise development and enterprise products
Kangding enterprise website one of the most basic functions,Is able to comprehensive and detailed introduction to Kangding enterprise development and enterprise products.Businesses can put any information they want to know in the URL.The new corporate website:Enterprise profiles, enterprise personnel, plant, production facilities, research institutions, product appearance,function and use of methods,Details are on display online.

4, Kangding company's new website will be in close contact with customers
The new corporate website will detail the company's products, services or new products, services,I will put all the new products, services, information published on the Internet,And regularly published on the Internet news and information about the enterprise.The company clerk will be able to use the network to communicate with customers.

5, can be more convenient and potential customers to establish business contacts
This is one of the most important features of the new corporate website,But also my company attaches great importance to the root cause of the new site.Now, I vigorously develop foreign companies,The Internet will be my company to the world the basic tool,Because it is the least expensive and most efficient.In principle, we will let anyone in the world,All know my business website,You can see my company's products and services.Therefore, my company's development and growth will have more choices.

6, can reduce my company's communications costs
For my company's development, the annual communications costs,Especially related to the import and export trade communication costs,Is my company a very large expenditure.I use the company's corporate Web site to provide e-mail to effectively reduce communication costs.

7, you can use the new corporate Web site in time to get customer feedback information
In the past, customers generally do not actively take the initiative to feedback to our company.In my company's new corporate website,Joined the customer contact with my company e-mail and instant messaging tools,Convenient for customers to contact,Greatly improve the work efficiency.


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